Customer Spotlight

Taking a shot at #1

Peter Farrell, President & CEO of Cannon Services, Toronto, ON

“Sometimes you have to take shots and chances that others wouldn’t.”

“Sometimes you have to take shots and chances that others wouldn’t.”

Peter took the right shot.

In 2005, Peter Farrell saw an opportunity for Cannon Services to move into pest control and jumped on it. Cannon Services’ mission is about “building healthy spaces”, and pest control has played a huge part in that mission for the past decade. Cannon started by providing washroom hygiene services, but is now aggressively expanding their pest control service too.

Peter attributes Cannon’s success to his leadership team. “We have an inspired and engaged group [of leaders],” Peter said. “They continually pass that engagement and spirit to our employees – and our customers feel it!”

Swift growth requires a distributor that can keep up, so Peter chose Univar. “Univar can help us continue to grow because of their national reach and best in class products and training services,” said Peter. “We require a strong vendor partner as we execute our growth strategy, and Univar is that partner.”

Peter’s career isn’t the only place he aims to be the best, he also strives for greatness on the links as well. Citing business and golf as his two main hobbies, Peter said he learns valuable lessons from both. They require intricate planning, fluid execution, calculated risk-taking and professionalism.

Whether it’s from his office or from the tee, it’s safe to say Peter is already planning his next shot.